Tenebris, Leçons de Ténèbres


Henry Du Mont, Sébastien De Brossard, Joseph Michel, François Couperin, Nicolas Bernier

Isabelle Poulenard – Jean-François Lombard Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

Listen Tenebris, Leçons de Ténèbres – S. de Brossard
Première leçon des morts « Ecce nunc in pulvere dormiam »


le triomphe de l'amour

2011 NAIVE – OP 30532

le triomphe de l'amour

Le triomphe de l'amour

Sandrine Piau
Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

"A real challenge and "tour de force" are concealed under this illusion of an elegant and simple recital. Because everyone cannot display in a sole program works by Sacchini, Charpentier, Campra, Rebel and Francoeur, Favart, Rameau, Lully and Grétry. One can listen to these with great pleasure and the genres, periods and characters unfold with joy and natural, interspersed with some vivid and pleasant overtures. It is of the highest quality."
Sylvain Fort, Classica, april 2012

Ecouter Grétry " Je romps la chaîne qui m'engage " | L'Amant jaloux


Soleils baroques

Ambronay Editions 2008 – AMY013

Soleils baroques

Soleils Baroques

Luigi Rossi and Marco Marazzoli

Monique Zanetti - Barbara Kusa - Jean-François Lombard - Hervé Lamy
- Arnaud Richard
Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

"too rare are the discs dedicated to the extraordinary Luigi Rossi to not rush on this one. So few baroque composers have to such an extent distiled this musical art of chiaroscuro and trance of the mystic(...). Les Paladins continuo is remarkable. Both unpredictable and free, simple and learned, we attend a competition of shimmering violins, purple violone, sparkling harp doubling the chitaronne arpeggios where the breath of the bright side causes a musical constant sfumato. The CD ends with a second solar preaching, this time composed by Marco Marazzoli, another one of these musical artisans on behalf of Baroque Rome (...). Every exaltation and rift of the century are here present."
Vincent Borel, Classica, june 2008.

Listen M. Marazzoli, La predica del Sole – " Si, si corra, si voli "



PAN CLASSICS 2006 – PC10196



Francesco Cavalli

Sandrine Piau - Martin Oro - Howard Crook - Dominique Visse - Magali Léger - Jean-François Lombard - Stéphanie Révidat - Karine Deshayes - Jacques Bona
- Benoît Arnould
Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

"It is a real challenge to restore through a disc the scenic interest of such a work. Les Paladins achieve it marvelously. The continuo (harp, guitar, theorbo, organ, two harpsichords, violone) is an attentive partner, repeating continuously the atmospheres and tints, the dynamics : freedom, poetry, humour, life are the chief keywords. (...) One is dragged in the whirlwind of this full work : let us say it again, to, giving back to the Ormindo its vitality and its poetry in a disc is a challenge : taken up !
Dorian Astor, Classica, july & august 2007

"Jérôme Correas signs an extremely meticulous achievement, with a great discernment in the musical choices and an admirable theatrical efficiency (...). The soloists cast is exciting, in an unwavering cohesion and perfectly involved dramatically."

Denis Morrier, Diapason, july-august 2007


Listen L'Ormindo, Acte I, Scène 3


Serpentes ignei in deserto

Ambronay éditions 2006 – AMY005

Serpentes ignei in deserto

Serpentes ignei in deserto (Les Serpents de feu dans le désert)</>

Johann Adolf Hasse

Valérie Gabail - Isabelle Poulenard - Stéphanie d'Oustrac - Annette Markert
- Robert Expert
Les Paladins - Jérôme Correas

"After offering us beautiful Leçons de Ténèbres by Porpora, Jérôme Correas goes forward in his exploration of the repertoire called "gallant" with this oratorio composed by the successor of Porpora as the choir master of the Ospedale degli Incurabili in Venice, caro Sassone Hasse. Composed around 1738, the works deals with a fashionable theme at that time : to punish the Hebrews incredulity, God send them poisonous snakes ; repentant and saved, the applicants erect a bronze snake to celebrate the event. (...) Jérôme Correas achieves to dramatize the text and vary the dynamics without keeping out of his mind the mostly vocal nature of the writing (Correas is a singer, and you can hear it)...A great discover."
Olivier Rouvière, Diapason, janvier 2007

Listen Serpentes Ignei in Deserto - " Aria Nathanael "



PAN CLASSICS 2006 – PC 10188



Domenico Mazzocchi

Monique Zanetti - Valérie Gabail - Jean-François Lombard - Benoît Haller
- Renaud Delaigue
Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

"Les Paladins are offering one of the most beautiful achievements in the field of the baroque repertoire interpretation. (...) The vocal and instrumental ensemble looks meticulously after unreleased scores from the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. (...) In the movement of this artistic trend, Jérôme Correas suggests us a precious and very complete anthology of Madrigali e Dialoghi by the forgotten, but great, Domenico Mazzocchi (1592 - 1665) : figurehead of this "roman school" of Seicento (...). Correas has become a master in the art of standing out the affective side of these works for a perfect use of the musical rhetoric and the ornemental "extase"."
Massimo R Zegna, Amadeus (Italie), août 2007

Listen Madrigali e Dialoghi – " Domine, ne in ira tua"



PAN CLASSICS 2005 – PC 10182



Giacomo Carissimi

Monique Zanetti - Raphaële Kennedy - Patricia Gonzalez - Jean-François Lombard - Jean-François Novelli - Renaud Delaigue
Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

"This programs allows us to assess the theatrical spirit that Jérôme Correas blows to pages often restricted in an inopportune act of contrition."
Olivier Rouvière, Diapason, June 2005

"The genre of the "sacred history" more renowned under the name of the oratorio, developed during the XVIIth century largely through the impetus of Carissimi. The oratorio is a difficult mariage between the the theatre and the sacred, a mixture nevertheless achieved by this Roman master. (...) A sensual and magnificent music written to spread the good work pleasantly. An original aesthetic that the ensemble too over perfectly. Magnificent musical moments contained in certain extracts like the Jugement de salomon, Job and essentially in the beautiful end of Jephté."
Olivier Larcade, La Tribune le Progrès, October 2004

Listen Histoires Sacrées - " Jephté "



ARION 2005 – ARN 68690



Nicola Antonio Porpora

Isabelle Poulenard - Karine Deshayes - Elodie Mechain
Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

" A most famous composer in London at the time of Haendel and a great protagonist of the Ospedali musicali in Venice, Nicola Antonio Porpora (1686-1768) is nevertheless forgotten gloomily of our musical culture. To the rare discographic recordings dedicated to his music, we can add this one, conducted magnificently by Jérôme Correas. (...) Correas interpretation is sensitive, vivid and it stands like a mirror of Porpora's vocal vuirtuosity ; this exaggerated virtuosity is here a natural and vital component of the score, fostering an atmosphere of fervent mysticism (...) that arouse emotions."
Massimo R.Zegna, Amadeus (Italie), August 2007

Listen Leçons de Ténèbres - Duetto IV " ab iro pectore "



ARION 2002 – ARN 68565



Georg-Friedrich Haendel

Salomé Haller - Jérôme Correas
Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

" One is immediately seducted by les Paladins continuo : its lightness, airiness and exemplary breathing. The staggering beauty of each sonority, the poetic accuracy of the phrases. We are in the midst of a musicality both subtle and natural. Everything is achieved with a professionalism and a communicative passion."
Xavier de Gaulle, Répertoire, September 2002

"This second recording dedicated to Haendel's Italian works, confirm the hopefuls of the first. This baroque ensemble will for the future be the one with which you will have to deal with. As to us, we already set a date..."
Gilles Macassar, Télérama, 7 may 2002

Listen Apollo e Dafne – Aria (allegro) " Crudel tiranno Amor "



ARION 2001 – ARN 68505


Georg- Friedrich Haendel

Sandrine Piau - Jérôme Correas - Emmanuelle Haïm - Marion Middenway
Les Paladins – Jérôme Correas

"During his stay in Rome from 1706 to 1708, G.F. Haendel familiarizes with the Italian music spirit. Numerous operas were created from his fascinating contacts with the world of the great patron cardinals, the Prime Donne and the lively castratos. Nevertheless, he composed also for his famous performers a series of cantatas considered to be opera miniatures, some kinds of stylistic and technical exercices, mostly dramatic, where one could find all the Italian singing difficulties. We have memorized in this production some duets for soprano and bass (a quite rare form) ; these works have the double benefit of being practically never performed nowadays, and essentially offering to the soprano and the bass a remarkable rivaling in virtuosity and lyrism. One will remark how far these two voices such opposed in colour and range symbolize when they are brought together the eternal theme of these cantatas : Love."

Listen Cantates & Duos italiens - " Giù nei Tartarei "